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Virtual reality glasses movement was crowned in 2016


2016 noticed the development of a progression of virtual reality glasses mark, from product offerings cost just a couple of hundred thousand to more than ten million. Obviously, the product offering will be planned low in cost and elements just the fundamental level, while the top of the line will bring a totally unique ordeal.


The innovation specialists anticipated virtual reality glasses advertise in 2020 will achieve 150 billion US dollars income. (Work of art: VRScout)

Fragment speaks to modest virtual reality glasses might be specified that Lenovo ANT VR with costs under VND700,000 or VUE IncrediSonic M700 for under 1 million. In the interim, the Oculus Rift is one of the lines of virtual reality glasses have the most costly cost of today – more than 13 million. Among all classifications concur virtual reality glasses, Samsung Gear VR (more than 2.1 million) rose as an agent for the harmony amongst components and cost.

Adapt VR has an eye-getting configuration, brings a comparable appearance glasses virtual reality adaptation of Samsung’s first appearance with intense nature of mold and innovation. Samsung glasses is depicted as made out of numerous layers of top notch focal point with subtle elements has been made more smaller. The item is outfitted with a progression of sensors, for example, regularly found on cell phones or tablets, including vicinity sensor, accelerometer sensor and gyrator.

Samsung Gear VR has microUSB port for associating with a cell phone.

Albeit just the external shell material is plastic, however the points of interest on glass cut carefully arranged and beyond any doubt. Glasses have two wires, one wire out after the first round to settle the telescope; The rest of the wire to settled overhead, to keep from sliding down the glass amid utilize.

Equip VR has fabricated a 3.5mm earphone port, microUSB port, back catch and catches increment or diminishing the volume. Particularly Samsung likewise prepare this telescope a different touch zone, permitting clients to associate straightforwardly with the glass like developments with the mouse pointer on a portable PC touchpad. These are the propelled highlights that each line virtual reality glasses beneath 2 million at present can not get.

Recorded at a few retailers, Gear VR does not appear to be degraded after some time. In the mean time, virtual reality glasses line as ANT VR shoddy single capacity just as watching motion pictures through the perspective without including any backup body, were a few zones costs have not hit the floor down to 400,000. Furthermore, the virtual reality glasses line from 200 USD or more appear to have no place in Vietnam showcase.

One might say, than a large portion of the line current virtual reality glasses, what brings Samsung Gear VR is a great deal superior to the cost. This is very justifiable when VR Gear was made for the fundamental reason for existing is to serve clients most loved cell phone of Samsung Galaxy biological community. As per the determinations, Gear VR works best on the Samsung Galaxy line Note5, Galaxy S6, S6 edge, edge + S6, S7 and S7 edge Galaxy.


Virtual reality glasses market is starting to wind up distinctly dynamic from 2016.

Indeed, not hard to perceive the expectations of Samsung when alone with Oculus (an auxiliary of Facebook) to bring forth Gear VR. This is viewed as a significant extra, enhancing distribution center “toys” for the adherents of innovation, other than S Gear shrewd watches, arm ornaments or Camera Sports Gear 360 Gear Fit.