New Tool checks stolen iPhone

New Tool checks stolen iPhone


Stolen Phone Checker allows users to enter IMEI, MEID or ESN to check their smartphone to buy stolen goods or not.
When buying a smartphone used, one important point to check is that there must be goods stolen or not. With the new tool, this test will be somewhat easier.

Association US wireless industry, through the trade group CTIA has released a tool called the Stolen Phone Checker , which allows users to detect whether their phone line to steal or not.

IPhones stolen Activation Lock can be locked at any time. Therefore, the test to detect the origin smartphones is very important. Photo: Jortic.
To test this, users need to enter IMEI, MEID or ESN – the unique identification number, registered on each handset. These numbers, sometimes printed right on the back of the machine, such as the iPhone, or found in the settings.

For ordinary users, Stolen Phone Checker allows checking 5 times per day while authorities will have access to unlimited.

The examination of the stolen smartphone help users peace of mind when buying the phone than through use. In the past few years, the American Revolution holds a huge amount of data smartphones ID stolen and does not allow them access to their networks.

Therefore, much of this smartphone after being stolen will be transferred to foreign countries under quota, then landed in the growing market.

CTIA is not the first organization to launch testing tools iPhone is stolen. Earlier, a series of tools from 3rd party have similar features. US carriers also have tools to check.

However, it seems Stolen Phone Checker is the first tool set a formal standard, or at least, it is easier to remember names at all.