Journey of the stolen iPhone

Journey of the stolen iPhone


Story by Wired, a technology site in the US, has shown the way in which the iPhone shipments in the US illegally to Asian users hand.
May 5/2012 on the last day, a ragged inner container has dozens of iPhones was discovered at a facility in California, USA. The workers here have contacted Apple to investigate the matter. With the help of the security department from Verizon, iPhone on the plot were identified as contraband and is involved in the black market.

iPhone is smuggling items are presented in the US aiming for high profit. Photo: Wired.
Two hours later, Brian Fichtner, an experienced investigator broke the case related to high-tech crime and smuggling, were present at the scene. Brian inventory and the attached list of 37 iPhone serial number, then put back into the container and ambush here. The next morning, Wasif shamshad, a Sacramento County residents, had to pick up the container and drove to an apartment in the western outskirts of the city. Brian has secretly followed Wasif and discovered that he continues to communicate to Shou Lin Wen iPhone barrels and his wife are Yuting Tan.

According to the investigation of Brian, Wen is someone who grew up in China and has naturalized in America. Wen opened a shop specializing in business phones and electronic devices in Sacramento. Profile of Wen pretty clean, but the couple remains in police presence monitoring.

To August, three months after the shipment is transmitted to the home of Wen. Brian investigation team discovered that Wen and Tan carrying four parcels weighing up to a transportation services company. The couple paid shipping to an address in Hong Kong and quickly into the car to leave.

Shortly after, the witness of the investigation team, the package is opened. Inside accommodate up to 190 smartphones, primarily the iPhone, the rest is the BlackBerry. Many iPhone in this shipment have serial numbers coincide with those units in the package was discovered in a shed by Wasif bring.

Everything happened to coincide with the suspicion of Brian. Brian investigation team went to North Carolina, another state in the US, where the iPhone was bought and bound into the package. Here, Brian discovered Pengchong Shou, a trader specializing in purchasing electronic devices inside a home in Boston. Here, the investigators have found more evidence as warranty queries, list transactions through banks. They take hours to check the phones from Sprint, AT & T and Verizon Wireless.

Manipulation of line purchase stolen iPhone gradually revealed. According to the testimony of Pengchong Shou, he hired intermediaries as Wasif shamshad to random cities in the US to hire homeless people to buy the phone with a contract at a local store for $ 100 every times.

According to Wired, the networks in North America often sell machines attached network key initial contract very cheap prices to attract customers use telecommunications services for many years. However, customers still can cut the contract after two months of use and offset the cost of fines. For those who have been cut off contract with the network, they will be stored information as a “bad customers” and can not buy iPhone within a few years.

Taking advantage of the homeless as an intermediary, Pengchong Shou spoiled with cheap iPhone purchase and cancel the contract with the large number of home networks without being noticed. Shou Pengchong docking and transfer for Wen and Tan in California. Here, this couple will continue shipping to Hong Kong for consumption in China and neighboring countries.

Evidence that investigating authorities obtained showed the line of 111 Wen sent parcel trot iPhone to Hong Kong. With the buying price and selling a few hundred dollars per iPhone thousand dollars, Wen earned $ 2.5 million annually. Wen couple arrested for transportation and space consumption. Wen was sentenced to 3 years in prison and a year in jail Tan. Shou and Wasif shamshad Pengchong also face jail time for crimes transshipment and organized crime along with Wen and Tan.