Intel Core i9 can launch powerful Core i7 1.5 times

Intel Core i9 can launch powerful Core i7 1.5 times


Most versions of the new Core i most likely be released in early June at the Computex exhibition, while the most advanced version will appear in August this year.
According to Anandtech, likely giants x86 chip architecture will release the final version of the Core i reputation. Processor Intel’s premier this time codenamed Basin Falls, appear on both versions Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X and use the socket (device two-way communications to send and receive data from machine others use TCPIP and UDP) LGA 2066 new name.

Specific parameters processor Intel Core i9 Skylake-X and processor Kaby Lake-X. Photo: Anandtech.
Parameters on the table shows, the most advanced version can be launched Intel Core i9-7920X name has 12 workers, 24 stream processors, 16.5 MB Cache L3 cache, support 44 lane PCI Express (PCIe ), 140W TDP, but not yet identified the specific clock speed.

In addition, Intel also has a lower version as Core i9-7900X with 10 workers, 20 streams, the original pulse and turbo and 3.3 is expected around 4.3 GHz. Core i9-7820X lower version 8’s, 12 streams, the original impulse / turbo to 3.6 / 4.3 GHz.

Photos supposedly parameters Core i9 generation of Intel chips. Photo: Anandtech.
Finally, the lowest version Core i9-7800X’s only 6, 12 threads, 28 PCIe lanes, the original impulse / turbo can reach 3.5 / 4 GHz.

According to Tech Radar , the emergence of ARM chips Ryzen 7 1800 X $ 500 but the price has yet delivers performance comparable with today’s most advanced chips Intel Core i7-6950X (about 1,700 US dollars), has perhaps Intel is the main reason that forced to launch a new generation Core i chips.

Most of microprocessors more likely to be launched at the Computex exhibition in June, except for Core i9 highest version is expected to appear as early as August of this year.