Where is the cheapest smartphone world?

Where is the cheapest smartphone world?


US, Canada is shopping heaven if users want to buy high-end smartphones, while want to buy cheap mobile, you need to come to China, India or South Asia.
The prices of high-end smartphones has never been cheaper. However with the same machine, users in some markets pay more than other markets.

Selling prices in each region differs by many reasons, mainly due to local taxes, import duties and part of it is how to evaluate manufacturers on that market.Appleiphone7onsale
Smartphone prices are not the same in each market. Photo: Mirror.
To find out where the cheapest smartphones sold or most expensive, Android Authority combines data about smartphone debuts of many different worldwide, converted into USD values.

However, this data is incomplete and not entirely accurate. For example, LG or HTC V20 last 10 years not on shelves in all markets. The Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi only sold as limited in some markets.

Premium Smartphone
Therefore, this model decided to choose two most popular is the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 edge to measure prices in the market. This is the widest coverage smartphones.

Accordingly, the US and Canadian markets with smartphones cheapest price, not too far behind Japan and the Middle East.

Price premium smartphones (iPhone 7 Plus represented and Galaxy S7 edge) in the market. Photo: Android Authority.
In areas such as Europe, China and Asia, users began to see the more expensive of the models due to high taxes. Import duty is even higher in India, Mexico, Russia or the Scandinavian countries.

However, users in Latin America, South Africa and New Zealand are the ones who pay the highest price for high-end smartphones. In the US, most of the top smartphones priced below $ 800 but can go up to over $ 1,000 in this country, more than 25%.

Global averages, Galaxy S7 edge cost 870 USD, while the iPhone 7 Plus is priced at 973 USD for 32 GB.

Cheap smartphones
Cheap smartphones, the balance changed a lot. While a US or Europe have the opportunity to buy products such as Google pixel or pixels XL original price, users India, China and many Asian countries easier to own these cheap products from Xiaomi , Oppo or Leeco.

Android Authority to monitor the smartphone 250 USD cheaper in the US to check if they sold for how much in other markets. The model chosen here is G4 Plus Moto, LG X Power and Honor 6X.

Smartphone o dau world’s cheapest? Image 3
Cheap smartphone selling prices in the market. Photo: Android Authority.
Accordingly, these models are priced at US $ 250-300 in North America, Europe, Russia, Middle East and South Asia. Selling prices in Japan and New Zealand are often higher than US $ 100.

Again, South Africa remains home to the world’s most high price for cheap smartphones, is generally higher than 120 USD compared to the price in the US.

In Brazil or Argentina, their selling price in the amount doubled. This situation does not only happen with smartphones. Most electronic devices sold in these markets are very highly taxed, difficulties in distribution.

Markets such as China, India and South Asia part, the smartphone is sold the cheapest. For example, a 6X Honor have $ 250 but sold for $ 190 USD in China and India. Redmi Xiaomi Note 4 is even cheaper at $ 145 USD. The production and distribution of this product in the country contribute to the incredibly cheap price for this model in China.