Sony Mobile has made profits

Sony Mobile has made profits


In the past fiscal year, Sony Mobile to bring about $ 91 million profit. A year earlier, they were half-billion hole in the cell array.
Sony ended the streak lasts losses publication of financial statements past fiscal quarter, ended on 31/3.

This is good news for Sony and followers of the company. However, the company said mobile unit to break even thanks to cost-cutting rather than sales of smartphones Xperia impressive.

In the past fiscal year, Sony Mobile incurred 10.2 billion yen profit ($ 91 million). This figure is quite impressive if compared with losses of up to $ 550 million in the previous fiscal year.

Phone from Sony now focus more on profitability rather than sales. Photo: Android Authority.
Overall, Sony’s revenue last year (FY) reached the equivalent of $ 6.77 billion, down 32% from a year ago. Sony said it sold 14.6 million smartphones in total last year, down sharply from the previous year’s 24.9 million units.

But sales plummeted cell array remain profitable. Sony said it is due to cut production costs, internal restructuring. Its profit also more impressive by focusing on selling high-value model at less than the market.

Chairman of Sony Kazuo Hirai confirmed that it will retain the mobile segment, but admits not expect smartphone sales to compete with rivals such as Apple, Samsung. Instead, Hirai said Sony will wait until the next screen shift in the mobile segment. Retention in this field means that Sony will continue to cooperate with retailers and partners, rather than sever relationships with them in order to achieve short-term goals.

At the last exhibition MWC, Sony introduced the Xperia series smartphones at MWC lines, such Xperia Premium XZ, XZs or duo XA1, XA1 Ultra. Of these, the XA1 XZs and Vietnam were on the shelf at the sale price is considered attractive.

Meanwhile, the Xperia XZ Premium – the first smartphone in the world with 4K display HDR – has yet to be priced. Some retailers said the machine will hit store shelves in about June.