Highway Xperia X Ultra image with ultra-long screen

Highway Xperia X Ultra image with ultra-long screen


Screen ratio of Xperia X Ultra will be 21: 9, is longer than the Galaxy S8 or LG G6.
After the Xperia Z Ultra, Sony Xperia XA products to target segments Ultra super-large screen smartphone. XA Ultra lies in the mid-range segment with beautiful design but not luxury.

Looking ahead, can Sony will release another other products with better design class. This model is called the Xperia X Ultra.

Image of the sample is considered X Ultra with ultra-long screen. Photo: Gsmarena.
Xperia X Ultra can own ultra-long screen, than the Samsung Galaxy S8 (18.5: 9) or LG G6 (18: 9). With 6.45-inch screen, the Xperia X Ultra can bring the ratio 21: 9.

Other specifications on the configuration of the X Ultra include Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip with 4 GB RAM. Machine capacity 64 GB, 19-megapixel main camera, the camera can be fitted on each Xperia XZ Premium with video recording capabilities super slow, 13-megapixel camera.

Other specifications of the 3050 mAh battery included support fast charger Quick Charge 3.0, Standard IP68 Waterproof and built Android operating system 7.0 Nougat.

Leaks not disclose the number of Xperia X Ultra screen but more likely the machine will have a Full HD screen to save battery.

Xperia Z Ultra can think of Sony’s previously successful product in half. This sales model is not too impressive, but scored high in the eyes of the user thanks to the ultra-thin design, the interface is extremely well optimized for large screen displays.

With the X series, Sony recently obtained some positive achievements. During the past year, its mobile segment had a profit of $ 91 million compared to losses of $ 500 million a year earlier. The launch date and price of Xperia X Ultra have not been disclosed.