Add red, iPhone 7 is still not escape the gloomy

Add red, iPhone 7 is still not escape the gloomy


In the first quarter, Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus red new SE. However, their smartphone sales growth compared with a year earlier.
IDC recently published data of global smartphone market in the first quarter, showing that Apple continues at a standstill, despite they launched the iPhone version 7 Product (RED) and refresh the iPhone line SE. Meanwhile, smartphone sales increased by 4.3% overall market.

Apple almost unchanged shipments compared to last year (51.6 million versus 51.2 million). The purchasing power strong year-end holiday season extends into January when the iPhone 7 Plus get rid of dry bulk goods at the market, “IDC wrote.

Smartphone sales of the leading manufacturers in the first quarter / 2017 compared with a year earlier. Graphic: Germany Men.
Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus version of the Product (RED) on 21/3 but it is unclear how many units it sold to see the impact of it to the IDC report. The company also released an upgrade to the iPhone SE with storage capacity doubled.

Sales increased, but Apple can not console themselves when their biggest rival is Samsung also encountered a similar situation. Samsung is still the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world with 79.2 million smartphones sold in the last 3 months. This figure is quite similar to a year ago.

Global smartphone market share in the first quarter / 2017. Graphic: Germany Men.
Huawei, Oppo and Vivo respectively holding three remaining positions in the top 5 largest mobile company with sales of respectively 34.2, 25.6 and 18.1 million.

Apple officially announced the iPhone sales in the 2nd quarter of fiscal 2/5 days. It is expected that the company will earn revenue from 51.5 to 53.5 billion dollars.